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Globally, Google is known for creating innovative and minimal Internet-related services/ products. In the same innovative pattern, the latest addition by the company is the People Card. The company launched this new feature in India on 11th August 2020.  

What is Google People Card?

The user can build a virtual visiting card using the Google platform. The giant search feature allows the user to create in a few simple steps.

The aim is to support the people who want to provide their service/ product and other stuff to the world.  

Who can  benefit from People Card?

Without any ambiguity using the service, anyone can be benefit. For the quick surf, the service is available on mobile platforms. As far now, the authenticated language is English. 

Particularly it favors the people who are as professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and influencers.

Through the innovative platform, the individual can reach out to millions in minimum space of time. 

 Is the data safe and secured?

In order to maintain the quality of the details provided, the platform has regulated an array of protection.

The protection against offensive and abusive contents are tightly camouflaged.

How does it work?

A user can create at least one People Card. And it is authenticated with the preferred mobile number.

The user can have comprehensive control over the provided pieces of information. Adding or removing the details in the card can be done at any time. 

Also, there is a feedback button where the user can identify or report information (reporting can be done if believed that the cards belong to an impersonator).

What are the requirements to create a People Card?

How to create a People Card on Google:

Step 1: Sign-in to your Google account

Step 2: At the search “add me to Search”

Step 3: Provide a mobile number for verification, if your number is not added already. Now, confirm the verification by entering the OTP. Further, continue   

Step 4: Provide all the significant details you wanted to show the people

Step 5: Have a glance at the provided details by tapping on the preview button at the bottom and submit

Guidelines that to be followed in the People Card:

  1. Provide unique details: Differentiating yourself from others, will let the people search you quicker. 
  • Be specific with the details: If the content that is submitted in the application doesn’t replicate you or what you do. There are a lot of chances that Google may remove your People Card listings. For any other additional information regarding possible violations read the User Content Policy.
  • Fill out the fields accurately: Choose the field options carefully, if you don’t find your distinct category add your free-text.
  • Update all your information frequently: If the update is missing for a mean period, Google may stop displaying your information to others.

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